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Endline, Mutaz, Syria


“Endline” is a fiction series based on real-life events aiming to raise awareness of the various issues and problems that have resulted within Jordanian host communities as a result of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.


The series reflects the issues of negative and extremist behaviour faced within this intertwined community while also serving as a tool to promote social cohesion and foster a sense of belonging amongst community members.


“Endline” highlights a normal day in a life of two young men, Moataz from Syria and Firas from Jordan, who although come from different origins, backgrounds, and struggles,  find themselves in front of the same unique opportunity to realise their dream of becoming a professional football player. However, only one person will win this opportunity.


Throughout the series, we follow the young men as they go about their lives at home, university, and work, along with the challenges each encounters until they come face-to-face in the competition. 

the film
The facts


Youth RESOLVE Programme

“Endline” series is a 10-episode original fiction series designed and produced by Generations For Peace (GFP) as part of an online campaign highlighting various issues and problems that have resulted within Jordanian host communities as a result of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.


This series is a social change campaign that serves as an alternative positive narrative used to combat negative and extremist behaviour. The campaign positively conveys the efforts of youth, both Jordanians and Syrian refugees, working together, shedding light on the Youth RESOLVE Programme and its effects in Jordan.


This project is meant to reach and engage youth audiences to encourage discussion about various topics that were highlighted and tackled throughout the Youth RESOLVE Programme, such as Youth Violence, Lack of Employment Opportunities, Lack of Vocational Skills Training, and Social Cohesion.

Generations For Peace


Generations For Peace is a leading global non-profit peacebuilding organisation founded by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein in 2007.


Dedicated to sustainable conflict transformation at the grassroots, Generations For Peace empowers volunteer leaders of youth to promote active tolerance and responsible citizenship in communities experiencing different forms of conflict and violence.


Carefully facilitated sport-based games, art, advocacy, dialogue, and empowerment activities provide an entry point to engage children, youth, and adults, and a vehicle for integrated education and sustained behavioural change.


In the last thirteen years, Generations For Peace has trained and mentored more than 16,153 volunteer leaders of youth in 51 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America and have impacted the lives of more than 781,102 children, youth and adults.

The mission
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